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Chris' Foreign Horror Picks

Hi Dreadfuls! As promised, we're giving you our favorite foreign horror picks as they all stand right now. Lists like these are always changing because movies can impact you in all different ways. It's why we love them! So according to Chris here are his picks and why he thinks you'd enjoy them if you haven't seem them already. If you have, do you agree? Train to Busan- a perfect gateway into South Korean horror. This is Snowpiercer with the most terrifying zombies/infected you'll ever see. The threat of horrific cannibalistic death coupled with the sheer tension that comes with being isolated and unable to escape within the train car setting is riveting. Plus, there's a strong emotional core that'll leave you in tears at the end. Ichi the Killer- From the genius and avant garde mind of Takeshi Mike, this film is a total and relentless gore fest. Not for the faint of heart. Infection- A strange so-bad-it's-good J Horror flick about a haunted hospital. It has an endearing low budget, B rated quality to it. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust- One of the greatest horror anime films of all time featuring a dhamphir (half human, half vampire) hired to rescue a young lady from the clutches of one of the last living vampires in a post apocalyptic world ruled by creatures of the night. Perfect Blue-A harrowing psychological horror anime film revered as a classic in the Horror sub genre. An idol who gives up music to pursue acting begins to become the center of strange, disturbing events and the lines of fantasy and reality become blurred. Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek- A beautifully animated and produced short CGI anime film about a game of Hide and Seek gone awry, where the children in question go missing, believed to be taken by demonic spirits. Gyo- An animated film adaptation of Junji Ito's that is both bizarre and terrifying. Of all the things to focus on, an invasion of undead fish with metal legs and a bloody spider-great white shark to boot. The Host- A critically acclaimed South Korean monster movie, which merely scratches the surface and doesn't do it justice. It manages to balance genuine scares, moments of comedy and levity, satire and wit into an amazing alchemical concoction. Dead Snow- Imagine Evil Dead, but with Nazi zombies in the middle of the Scandinavian mountains. It is bloody, campy, and chock full of schlock. It's sequel, Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead is equally as irreverent and enjoyable. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale- My other favorite movie about Krampus/ an evil Santa Claus. Rec & Rec 2- A brilliant Spanish found footage horror film that utilizes the format to ultimate effect with such a simple preface of being trapped in a building in the middle of an outbreak. Damn Chris! I don't know about you Dreadfuls, but there's definitely some films on this list that I'm going to watch. What about you? Anything on this list that you haven't seen and want to watch now? Or have watched and maybe need to watch again? Let us know on Twitter, @LeftforDreadPod Stay Dreadful!

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