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Ry's foreign horror picks

You got Chris' picks for Foreign Horror, and now it's Ry's turn! I just wanted to share the foreign horror movies that have had the biggest impact on my life and the way I view Horror in general. As I've said before, there's something so uninhibited about foreign horror, it accomplishes things that American Horror either won't or can't do. That being said, here are my picks: Let the Right One In- A Swedish Vampire Film from 2008, I remember being completely intrigued by the trailer the first time I saw it. I knew it was going to be not your average vampire movie and that was incredibly appealing. Whether you've seen the movie, read the book (or seen the remake) you already know how different this film is. It's not your ordinary Vampire film and that's what makes it so unique, eerie, and beautiful to watch. It's a very different coming of age story unlike any you've seen before. Battle Royale- Hunger Games before Hunger Games existed. It's a teenage gore fest of blood and psychological torture. It pits teens up against each to die in cruel and violent ways. I don't remember where I was when I had first heard of this film but watching it was a horrifying experience. It's a Japanese horror film from 2000 where kids under the guise of a field trip are drugged, taken to an isolated location, and told to play the most lethal game of stay alive. Tune in and watch how quickly they all turn on each other, eager to be the last one standing. A Tale of Two Sisters- This South Korean movie changed the way I look at psychological horror. It has such a tremendous power, it really does hold you throughout the whole film to the point where you feel like if you breathe, you'll uncover something you don't want to see. There's something about this one in particular that forces you to get up close and personal with the dark parts of yourself and the true horrors of life that you don't want to face. Absolutely beautiful and haunting. Dumplings- NOT for everyone. Dumplings screwed me up. It's sick and twisted and flat out disgusting. Trigger warnings galore for this one given the very disturbing subject matter. It started out as part of a Horror Anthology called 3 Extremes. Dumplings the short film was then expanded into a feature film the following year. Now I know you're wondering, if it's so gross and twisted, why do you like it? It's one of those movies that's so disturbing you can't look away and you don't want to because you want to see how far it'll go, and where it's going next. You sit there and watch it and wonder how it got made. High Tension- So in the current climate, I'll admit the biggest element of this film doesn't hold up well. BUT it does spark conversation among Horror fans. At the same time, there is a part of this film (like some others) that can be seen as a reflection of what a person or a country is experiencing at the time the movie was made. That being said, High Tension is a violent movie from France filled with twists, and gore and a lot of violence. I remember being so blown away by how this was done that I needed to watch it again as soon as I was done. RAW- Okay WOW. This movie is a masterclass in horrifying beauty. There's so much to unpack and unravel in this movie. Here's the gist, a girl who goes away to veterinary school, (with a strict vegetarian diet) begins a downward spiral into a dark and seductive world after the hazing begins. Watching her descent is unnerving (and might make you a veggie eater too) but is shot so well. I was just so beyond impressed with this one. Look for this in a future episode! The Devil's Backbone- The first time I watched this movie I understood that Horror had the capability to be beautiful. Like all of Guillermo del Toro's creations, they contain such tragic majesty to them. I think I even watched it in Spanish class once or twice. It shows you that something can be haunted with pain and tragedy and not maliciousness. Audition- kiri kiri kiri If you've seen this movie (or listened to our episode on it) you're already familiar with how creepy that little word is. Audition is body horror galore. It completely messes with your mind, leaves your mouth gaping open in shock and awe while you watch in Horror knowing that the events that are going to unfold are going to be anything but good. You know everything is a horrible idea from the start and you can't help but sit back and watch everything burn. Suicide Club- An early favorite of mine. Probably saw it when I was in a darker place than I am now and way too young. I watched it over and over again and while it's been a few years now, it has long since made its impression. While it airs on the satirical side, it has a deeply dark and overall gruesome presentation. It gained a massive cult following after its release. I don't know which film has a bigger trigger warning, this or Dumplings but I put heavy trigger warning emphasis on both of them. That being said, it truly was a ground breaking film at the time and if you don't mind the subject matter, you should add it to your repertoire. That's all from me! Stay Dreadful!

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