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Dracula 2000

Ry here again. Man am I sorry this next movie wasn't a part of my youth. Tonight was my first time seeing Wes Craven's Dracula 2000. And while I did live tweet my whole experience, (see for the entire journey) I'm giving you my fresh thoughts here. First let's start with Gerard Butler as Dracula. They didn't go with the traditional origin story (he could turn into a wolf and a hoard of bats and I'm still not sure how to feel about that) except at its core where Dracula forsakes and turns his back on a higher power. In this rendition, instead of losing his only love, he betrays Jesus. Yes you read that right. And what starts out with a decent cast, very quickly dwindles because Dracula comes back from the dead to eat everyone. I'm only being slightly condescending here. Or I only mean to be because I did genuinely enjoy how amazingly bad this was. This is absolutely one of those movies that you love to hate, hate watch, know it's awful but still enjoy the hell out of it, etc. Keep. This. One. And that's coming from someone who has watched Stewart Townsend's Queen of the Damned, enjoyed it, and still watches it frequently. This is one of those movies I can put on in the background and accomplish a million things and still be able to watch and enjoy it. All I can end with is, Ry in her youth would've appreciated Gerard Butler in this and adult Ry sure as shit enjoys the nostalgia.

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