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Hereditary insanity

Ry here with your spoiler warning! Late to the party but I'm here to talk about Hereditary, so spoilers abound! Before I get into it, I will say that my immediate thought upon seeing the miniatures being done by Annie (Toni Collette's character) was of a book I read when I was younger called The Dollhouse Murders by Betty Ren Wright. For a split second I thought that that was the direction the film would take but was happily mistaken. Hereditary opens on a grieving family mourning the loss of a grandparent. Annie begins the eulogy by exclaiming how surprised she is by the number of people who showed up to the funeral given the type of person her mother was. With one tragedy trying to be pushed behind them, the family is suddenly struck with another. After the sudden loss of the youngest child (Charlie) in a freak accident, the whole family begins to unravel. Now, I definitely thought Charlie was going to die, but so soon into the movie and the WAY she died? No way. Between her death and the rest of the movie, Hereditary was amazing, beautifully unnerving and at times, hard to watch but not for the reasons you'd think. As part of the healing and grieving process, Annie goes to group therapy. During which, she brings up her family's history of mental illness. Watching Toni Collette crumble and lose it in this movie felt like watching a loved fighting a losing battle with a crippling disease. No matter where you turn, you feel overcome with something. Ghosts, jumps, and the paranormal aside, this movie made me really think about things you can inherit. Whether it's debt, grief, mental illness, mistakes, resentment, or ghosts. There are things that can haunt not just a person but an entire family. Mental Illness, Grief, Loss, they all affect people differently. Sometimes pain like that is crippling and debilitating and you can take everyone down with you. Which is what happens to Annie in this movie. You watch as she loses a mother, a child, a husband and then herself, all while compromising her sanity and the sanity of those around her. All in all, this was a movie I did GENUINELY like and enjoy. It's currently on Amazon Prime Video, so if you're like me and you're late to seeing, do yourself a favor and watch it. The jump scares are well done, the writing is good, the camera works really pulls this very uneasy and creepy film together. I consider it a must see. Stay Dreadful!

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